Levanto Indoor Heater

Product Code: 505-123


Create a sanctuary of warmth in your home with the Levanto Indoor Heater. At the push of a button, it automatically lights up, fuelled by a battery-operated ignition, promising an inviting 4.2kW max heat output. Cater to your preferences with its three distinct heat settings, offering control over your comfort.

Crafted with love and care, it prioritises safety, sporting both a Flame Failure Device and an Oxygen Depletion System. Moreover, a gas hose and 21mm clip-on butane regulator are bundled in to make the installation process simple and fuss-free. A comforting refuge from the winter chills awaits you with this heater.

  • Automatic Ignition (battery-operated)
  • 4.2kW max heat output
  • Efficient piezo ignition
  • 3 variable heat settings
  • FFD (Flame Failure Device)
  • ODS (Oxygen Depletion System)
  • Complete with gas hose & 21mm clip-on butane regulator


DIMENSIONS: with back support: Height: 72 cms | Width: 42 cms | Depth: 42 cms
DIMENSIONS: minus back support: Height: 72 cms | Width: 42 cms | Depth: 32 cms
CYLINDER SIZE: 15 kg Butane



What gas bottle/cylinder do I need for my Levanto?

15kg Butane

13kg Butane

7kg Butane

Where can I buy a gas cylinder for my Levanto?

Find your local gas cylinder suppliers here.

How do I connect my Heatforce?

All Lifestyle indoor heaters are fitted with gas hose & a clip-on regulator. Simply push the regulator onto the gas cylinder inlet.

Here is a quick guide if you need a hand:

How long will my gas cylinder last for my Levanto?

15kg Butane (approx. 49.2 hours).

13kg Butane (approx. 42.6 hours).

7kg Butane (approx. 23 hours).

Do I need to turn my Levanto off at the regulator?

Yes. Be sure to turn your heater off at the regulator. This ensures all flames are put out and no excess gas is used.

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