Living Flame

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Product Code: 505-118


Relish in the warmth of this elegant, living flame indoor cabinet heater. It mimics the allure of a classic coal burner, but with the modern features you need for comfortable living. Experience impressive heating performance with 3.4kW maximum heat output and three adjustable heat settings.

Designed and built in the EU, it has automatic ignition and stores a 15kg butane cylinder for longevity. Safety is a priority with its ODS (Oxygen Depletion System) and flame failure device installed. Plus, it comes complete with gas hose and 21mm clip-on butane regulator.

  • Automatic Ignition (battery operated)
  • Made in EU
  • Classic coal burner design
  • 3.4kW max heat output
  • 3 Variable Heat Settings
  • Automatic Ignition
  • 15kg Butane cylinder storage
  • ODS (Oxygen Depletion System) installed
  • Flame Failure Device equipped
  • Complete with gas hose & 21mm clip-on butane regulator


GAS TYPE: Butane
DIMENSIONS: Width: 40 cms | Depth (with back support): 44 cms | Depth (without back support): 32 cms | Height: 70 cms



What gas bottle/cylinder do I need for my Living Flame?

15kg Butane

13kg Butane

7kg Butane

Where can I buy a gas cylinder for my Living Flame?

Find your local gas cylinder suppliers here.

How do I connect my gas cylinder?

All Lifestyle indoor heaters are fitted with gas hose & a clip-on regulator. Simply push the regulator onto the gas cylinder inlet.

Here is a quick guide if you need a hand:

How long will my gas cylinder last for my Living Flame?

15kg Butane (approx. 60.7 hours).

13kg Butane (approx. 52.6 hours).

7kg Butane (approx. 28.3 hours).

Do I need to turn my Living Flame off at the regulator?

Yes. Be sure to turn your heater off at the regulator. This ensures all flames are put out and no excess gas is used.

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5 reviews for Living Flame

  1. Jessica

    Fire is very easy use , warms the room very quickly. Looks very nice, glass front with coals. Service was second to none, fire arrived within 2 days of order being placed but unfortunately the glass was damaged. One quick email and the glass was despatched the same day. Would definitely use again. Highly recommended.

  2. Jessica

    This is a great piece of kit, great value for money with the cost of energy increasing. 7kg bottle for around £30 last for around 2 months, heat is great not even turned it up from start yet.

  3. Jessica

    Arrived well packed. Instructions quite basic considering it’s a dangerous item, with using gas etc. Had to hunt around for a supplier that had a 15kg butane gas bottle filled as new. Most places only offered refills!! There are 2nd hand bottles around but all are pick up & that can be an issue. Comes with the pipe and regulator….so no need to buy as extra. Eventually got the gas bottle. Put the ONE PIECE of fake wood in the front, after removing the glass. Glass back on an then the fun started. As a total newbie to calor gas heating I had to quiz the guy I bought the bottle from as the instructions are quite basic. YouTube helped too with searching for the exact model to fit the gas bottle. It wouldn’t light despite a flame at the bottom left & a lot of gas smell was coming through…so had to turn it off at the bottle a few times to clear the gas smell & be sure all was ok. Eventually sparked up properly but tbh wasn’t done as it meant to…came on when it was in the off position!!! Decided turn the flame heat level to highest then lowest…did a good job but when turned it off it stayed on…so decided turn it off at the bottle. Not ideal but it did warm the room which is fairly big & gets freezing, looks really good with the flame effect despite one bit of ‘wood’, easy to wheel, lightweight. Some of the issues could’ve been due to me not knowing how these items work but was told they’re easy as anything….so not sure what to think. Nice buy…bit expensive for what you get but it is different to the usual bar/wires across type. Looks warming with the “real fire” effect & so far does the job. If a newbie …get in someone who knows how to use & fit the bottle, or look on YouTube lol

  4. Jessica

    Fantastic customer service. The fire is really good. Sets of a lot of heat even on low.

  5. Jessica

    I’m very pleased with my purchase. Good value for your money. Easy to use. Mobile heating when & where you want it. No unexpected high gas bill because you’ve already paid for what you use. In my books it’s win win win for me.

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