Catalytic Indoor Heater

Product Code: 505-111


Welcome home to warmth and safety with the catalytic Indoor Cabinet Heater, handcrafted in the EU. A generous max heat output of 3kW combined with 3 customisable settings lets you curate the perfect environment.

Feel comfort in its easy-to-use automatic ignition and clever 15kg butane gas cylinder storage. Our heartfelt commitment to your safety includes an installed Flame Failure Device and an Oxygen Depletion System. What’s more, it comes complete with a butane regulator and gas hose for effortless set up. Get ready to snuggle up in safety.

  • Made in EU
  • 3kW max heat output
  • 3 variable heat settings
  • Automatic ignition
  • 15kg Butane gas cylinder storage
  • Flame Failure Device fitted
  • ODS (Oxygen Depletion System) installed
  • Complete with gas hose & 21mm clip-on butane regulator


GAS TYPE: Butane
DIMENSIONS: Width: 40 cms | Depth (with back support): 41 cms | Depth (without back support): 30 cms | Height: 70 cms



What gas bottle/cylinder do I need for my Black Catalytic?

15kg Butane

13kg Butane

7kg Butane

Where can I buy a gas cylinder for my Black Catalytic?

Find your local gas cylinder suppliers here.

How do I connect my Black Catalytic?

All Lifestyle indoor heaters are fitted with gas hose & a clip-on regulator. Simply push the regulator onto the gas cylinder inlet. Here is a quick guide if you need a hand:

How long will my gas cylinder last for my Black Catalytic?

15kg Butane (approx. 49.2 hours).

13kg Butane (approx. 42.6 hours).

7kg Butane (approx. 23 hours).

Do I need to turn my Black Catalytic off at the regulator?

Yes. Be sure to turn your heater off at the regulator. This ensures all flames are put out and no excess gas is used.

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