Calida MGO Firepit

Product Code: LFS708


Take care of yourself and enjoy the perfect blend of style, functionality and durability with our Calida MGO Firepit. You won’t have to worry about unpredictable weather damaging your firepit, thanks to its impressive UV, frost, and rust-resistant features. Revel in the versatility of the chrome cooking grill, a perfect partner for all your outdoor cooking adventures. Your safety is paramount, which is why we include a protective wire mesh and lifting tool. Rest, relax, and reclaim your peace.

  • UV, frost and rust-resistant
  • Large metal bowl
  • Chrome cooking grill for cooking versatility
  • Protective wire mesh + lifting tool


FIREPIT DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 75 cms | Height: 44 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 85 cms | Depth: 85 cms | Height: 38 cms
BOX WEIGHT: 22.5 kg



Why go MGO?

Stylish and practical. The Lifestyle Calida and Adena are constructed from UV, frost and rust-resistant MGO. Whilst durable, the composite imitates wood and concrete textures finely, yet remains lighter in weight for practicality.



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