Adena MGO Firepit

Product Code: LFS707

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A pleasant addition to contemporary spaces, Our Adena MGO Firepit sits subtly in its surroundings but is enough to top off any setting. Its round shape and smooth stone effect make it a wonderful decorative piece. By no means is it just great for keeping a small crowd cosy though, we have well equipped our firepit for cooking too.

Our product is complete with the necessary safety tools and additions such as a wire mesh dome and it’s lifting utensil.

Stunningly simple, perfect for any setting

  • Metal bowl
  • Wood grate
  • Chrome cooking grill
  • Protective wire mesh and Lifting Tool included

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OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 48 cms | Height: 34.5 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 55 cms | Depth: 55 cms | Height: 31 cms
NET WEIGHT: 8.8 kg