Patio Heaters 2021 – Which is the right heater for you?

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Heating your outdoor space has never been so simple with patio heaters. But which “type” is right for you and which will help you truly optimize your outdoor space this spring and summer?

Lifestyle supplies a range of gas patio heaters of all shapes and sizes and each model offers a variety of experience-enhancing features. Whether you value aesthetics, ease of use, portability, or a mix of everything, there is a Lifestyle gas patio heater for you and your outdoor space this year.

There are 3 main “types” of gas patio heaters available. Discover the advantages of each model; Sectional reflector patio heaters, tabletop and living flame:


Sectional reflector patio heaters…

are the wonderfully simple option. Sectional flame heaters are arguably the most heat efficient patio heaters. With a burner box and large sectional reflector at the top of the appliance, heat is directed towards those who surround it efficiently. Lifestyle’s latest sectional reflector patio heater, The Capri, offers internal gas bottle storage at the base and features an easy access door. The Capri is available in a variety of colours, from classic stainless steel to a rich garden green and is complete with wheels and enables enhanced mobility when not in use.

+ Heat efficient

+ Simple, ergonomic design



Tabletop patio heaters…

make the most of your available space. By choosing a tabletop you can keep small crowds of people cosy on the coolest of evenings. With their compact and portable nature, your tabletop heater’s positioning can be altered in minutes (Please disconnect your gas bottle and make sure the unit is cool before moving your outdoor heater). Tabletop patio heaters are available in a variety of shapes and designs. The Lifestyle Chantico is a tabletop living flame heater, the smaller-scale version of the famous Tahiti flame heater. Lifestyle also supplies the Sirocco, the tabletop sectional reflector patio heater. The Chantico and the Sirocco may not offer the great heat of a standard size patio heater, however, they continue to be pleasant, versatile additions to almost any outdoor space.

+ Space-saving

+ Incredibly versatile – ideal for smaller spaces


Living flame patio heaters…

offer great aesthetic potential. A patio heater is very much a utility, but flame heaters make an outdoor heater an excellent garden accessory too. Lifestyle’s latest flame heater, the Tahiti II hosts an elegant pyramid design and displays the beauty of a living flame at it’s centre. Living Flame Heaters make great centrepieces and continue to impress the home and hospitality industry. The Tahiti II features internal gas bottle storage at the base with an easy-access door and is complete with wheels.

+ Great for focal points of your outdoor space – Aesthetically pleasing

+ Ambient light and heat



By choosing a patio heater, you can truly optimise your outdoor space this summer and heat a large group of guests at once with ease.

As leading outdoor leisure suppliers. we equip all of our patio heaters with a “Flame Failure Device”. An FFD cuts off the appliance’s gas supply if there isn’t enough oxygen to fuel the flame healthily. Tilt Switches (or Anti Tilt Devices) are also applied to enhance user safety. Anti Tilt Devices cut off the gas supply to the appliance if the heater was to fall over. 

The Lifestyle patio heater range consists of a vast variety of quality outdoor heaters. Find your ideal patio heater and optimize your outdoor space this summer with Lifestyle!

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