Lifestyle Sirocco Tabletop Patio Heater

Product Code: LFS805


Save space and go for a tabletop!

The Lifestyle Sirocco Tabletop Heater provides a nice warmth when needed and doesn’t interrupt your garden’s setting. This versatile member of the Lifestyle outdoor heating range presents itself smartly in a classic stainless steel and is a pleasant addition to any tabletop, enhancing comfort when the nights are cool.

Lifestyle have installed Piezo ignition for increased reliability, easy lighting and reduced gas wastage as well as a variety of safety measures. These include the application of an anti-tilt device and protective screen guard.

  • Lightweight, effortless transportation
  • Classic stainless steel body
  • Piezo Ignition (Increased reliability, Easy lighting, Reduced gas wastage)
  • Anti-tilt device installed
  • Protective screen guard equipped
  • Hose and Propane Clip-on Regulator included
  • Optional cover available
  • Assembly required

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FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Base Diameter: 34 cms | Reflector Diameter: 53 cms | Height: 59 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 78 cms | Depth: 22 cms | Height: 59 cms

WEIGHT: 6.5 kg

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