Enders® Cover for Medium NOVA LED Flame

Product Code: EN5610


Trust in Enders® Cover to look after your much-loved NOVA LED Flame. The strength of our UV resistant premium polyester fabric guarantees resilience against tears and fade. With waterproofing built into the material, rain is no concern. But don’t think we’ve overlooked breathability – this cover breathes to eliminate condensation. Imagine having this power without having to tolerate any odour!

To secure the cover, we’ve also built in magnets so no gust can steal it away. Demonstrate your genuine care for your NOVA LED Flame with the enduring protection of our Enders® Cover.

  • UV resistant premium polyester material –  tear and fade resistant
  • Waterproof and odourless material
  • Breathable material prevents condensation
  • Integrated magnets in the hem secure the cover


COVER DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 37 cms | Height: 89 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 20 cms | Depth: 4 cms | Height: 32 cms
NET WEIGHT: 1.5 kg



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