Enders® Cover for Large NOVA LED Flame

Product Code: EN5609


Preserve the allure of your NOVA LED Flame with the thoughtfully designed Enders® Cover. Feel your worries fade away with our premium, UV-resistant polyester fabric that stands up to sun and weather, tirelessly shielding against wear and tear. A haven from unpredictable weather, the cover guarantees absolute waterproofing whilst remaining invitingly odourless. Revel in its cleverly breathable quality that abolishes condensation. Experience the satisfaction of a secured fit as integrated magnets tuck in the cover firmly, reflecting our dedication to offer you a comprehensive, empathetic solution to protecting your outdoor ornament.

  • UV resistant premium polyester material –  tear and fade resistant
  • Waterproof and odourless material
  • Breathable material prevents condensation
  • Integrated magnets in the hem secure the cover


COVER DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 37 cms | Height: 103.5 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 20 cms | Depth: 4 cms | Height: 32 cms
NET WEIGHT: 1.5 kg



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