Capri Patio Heater

Product Code: LFS841


As you enjoy your outdoor space, wouldn’t you like to remain warm on chilly evenings? The Capri Patio Heater ensures that. Designed with a 12.5kw max heat output, this unit effortlessly blankets your space with warmth. Fear not about complicated setups, it comes with an easy-access storage for a 13kg Propane cylinder. Effortlessly lit with a Piezo igniter, there’s no stress about slow ignition times.

And guess what? It’s got wheels for ease of movement and it also features an essential Flame Failure Device. Tipping won’t be a problem either, as it’s fitted with a tilt switch. We know assembly can be a bother, hence we made it somewhat effortless, a few touches and it’s set. So, dear outdoor enthusiast, everything is ready; hose and propane regulator included! Let’s keep the fun outside, regardless of the weather.

available in a sleek black and garden green

  • 12.5kw max heat output
  • Easy-access 13kg Propane cylinder storage
  • Piezo igniter for efficient ignition
  • Wheels for enhanced mobility
  • Featuring FFD (Flame Failure Device)
  • Fitted with tilt switch
  • Hose and Propane Regulator included
  • Some Assembly Required


FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 81.5 cms | Height: 225 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 60 cms | Depth: 56  cms | Height: 82.5 cms
WEIGHT: 14.5kg




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