Fire Pits Vs Patio Heaters

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To Firepit or Patio Heater. That is the question. Isn’t it?

Both Firepits and gas Patio Heaters and tremendously stunning and can set off your outdoor space. But which is right for you? What should you consider? Which will truly top off your outdoor space?

Here are some comments from us, Lifestyle Appliances, a leading Outdoor Leisure supplier.


2020 was one hell of a year, and for many brits, their outdoor space was their summertime saviour. The nation has never appreciated their gardens so much! Throughout the summer, BBQs were flying off the shelves as we craved adventure and flavour, something different. New garden furniture was also a frequent purchase. 

But as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, our outdoor space becomes unused, dormant. Why not optimise your outdoor space and enjoy it all year round? Treat yourself to the ambient warmth of a patio heater or the grand display of a Firepit?


Patio Heaters – 


Patio Heaters are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. Outdoor heating has never been so simple, yet it looks so sophisticated and sleek. Gas Patio Heaters stand proudly and are quite a statement piece for the garden and are sure to impress. Patio Heaters come in all shapes and sizes. Your choice depends on your personal preference. Are you looking to save space? Go for a tabletop like The Lifestyle Chantico! Or are you looking for a real statement piece? Go for a living flame patio heater like The Lifestyle Tahiti II!


By choosing a Patio Heater, you can heat a large group of guests at once with ease with enhanced safety. Your Patio Heater should sport a “Flame Failure Device”. A Flame Failure Device cuts off the Patio Heater if there isn’t enough oxygen to fuel the flame healthily. Tilt Switches (or Anti Tilt Devices) are also applied to enhance user safety. Anti Tilt Devices cut off the gas supply to the appliance when knocked over.

But Patio Heaters do have a drawback, moderate gas usage. Although your purchases of gas bottle refills is a cost, it shouldn’t be a majorly frequent one, so don’t be put off. 



Fire Pits –

Fire Pits are the other great contender when it comes to heating and setting off your outdoor space. There is nothing quite like a living flame. A controlled fire is quite a showpiece, the dancing flames, the soft crackling and the natural feeling of cosiness is unbeatable. 

Log burners are very atmospheric. They make a pleasantly scenic centrepiece to any outdoor seating area. The performance of a Fire is immense and truly stunning. But that’s the performance of the Fire Pit. The Fire Pit itself should be stunning too! Your choice of Fire Pit all depends on your desired aesthetic and available space. If you’re looking for contemporary, The Calida or The Adena make great choices. Or are you looking for a more traditional and grand look? We are sure you’ll love The Prestige!




But do you want to know what really tops off a Fire Pit for us? Their Cooking potential. Who doesn’t love a good outdoor cook up on a cool evening? As long as your Fire Pit is equipped with a cooking grill you should be good to go! Always be careful though please and take care when lighting and cooking on a Fire Pit. 

Discover your Fire Pits cooking potential here!

We like the look of the hot quick banana boats. Which do you like of the 40 Backyard Fire Pit Recipes?


In conclusion, your choice really does depend on your garden aesthetic and what you value. Both Fire Pits and Patio Heaters make excellent additions to almost any outdoor space. Lifestyle supply a vast variety of quality patio heaters and fire pits, why not browse our range and find one of our product stockists Today?

By choosing Lifestyle, you receive a 12 Month product warranty as well as friendly and useful lifetime customer support from our Sales Team.


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