Why choose a Kamado Egg Grill in 2021?

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Kamado grills have never been so popular in the UK. But what makes these distinctively egg-shaped BBQs such great grills? And why choose a Kamado BBQ for the garden 2021?

The past year has seen the nation determined to make the most of its outdoor space.

Many have made it their mission to upgrade their outdoor grilling game.

But to upgrade their grill game, they need a grill – a proper grill.

Stand back budget barbecues and roll on the Kamado charcoal BBQ.


What is a Kamado?

The Kamado grill is a wonderfully unique grill with its egg-shaped body and its signature cooking benefits.

But believe it or not, these incredibly popular BBQs are by no means new.

Kamado grills date back thousands of years (3,000 approx.) and haven’t changed much since their introduction in China all those years ago.

Their oval shape and ceramic construction continue to prove exceptional for heat insulation and fuel efficiency.

Back then, the Kamado was far superior to its grilling predecessors. 

With their reinforced ceramic or enamelled steel bodies, many say they are superior to this day.


Why go Kamado?

There are plenty of benefits to Kamado grills. From their fuel efficiency to their maintenance. These charcoal BBQs offer a refined experience throughout:


Wallet-friendly firing up

From the get-go, these grills make a pleasant addition to the patio or balcony.

The BBQs are best suited to “true” and “lump” charcoal – and not much of it is needed to get you grilling.

Thanks to the Kamado grills’ insulated construction, they are very efficient.


Optimised grill-time

Talking about keeping the heat under the hood,

With a Kamado grill’s ceramic or enamelled body, heat is captured and cooks the food before escaping the hood.


*Bonus* An insulated body and hood also enhance the consistency of a grill-up – a consistent grill is a good grill.


Grilling versatility

Versatility is the key in the grilling game.

It’s never been easier to switch things up mid-grill

Grill, bake or smoke delicious dishes all under one hood.

With Kamado pizza stones available, a freshly baked alfresco pizza is only a BBQ away!


Easy maintenance and cleaning

Kamado grills are great heavy duty barbecues. However, they deserve just as much care as any other grill.

Fortunately, Kamado grills like The Dragon Egg feature removable ashtray for easy cleaning.


*Tip* Lifestyle recommends cleaning out your grill after every single use. Ash build-up can reduce airflow and can contaminate food.

*Tip* Also, be sure to keep your grill under a protective cover when not in use.


Other benefits of Kamado grills:


Authentic flavouring – True charcoal and lump charcoal infuse the authentically smokey flavour, unlike presoaked coals or the old reliable charcoal and lighter fluid.

Simplistic design – These grills are incredibly unique. However, they remain aesthetically pleasing.


In conclusion,

Any grill-seeker is going to love a Kamado. They continue to thrill the finest of BBQ chefs with their efficiency, versatility and usability.




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