Online Customer Reviews are Crucial – Here’s Why:

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Buying a product is a big deal and we often need reassurance from others. Whether it be our friends or online randomers, they heavily influence our buying choices and habits. 

Discover the importance of customer reviews for your business and your customers here, and explore how beneficial stocking quality products from a responsible supplier can be on your business.

1. Key Facts:

9/10 potential buyers read your previous customer reviews.


88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent reviews”.


The most important traits for a local business are: 

Reliability (27%)

Expertise (21%)

Professionalism (18%)


  • 2-6 reviews are read by customers before trusting a business on average.



2. Improving your chances of receiving Positive Feedback:

When selling appliances such as Patio Heaters, Cabinet Heaters, Gas BBQs etcetera, customers will expect a certain level of product quality and customer care. For example, Patio Heaters are typically purchased for long-term usage. They are not a short term, recurring buy like iPhone chargers. Selling unreliable outdoor leisure appliances is far from a sensible idea. They could well serve you more hassle than happiness! This hassle will likely come in the form of an unhappy customer and possibly some online backlash…


Quality Products + Quality Service from retailer and supplier =  Encouragement to provide Great Customer Feedback



We’ve found that quality products and quality customer service attract those beloved positive customer reviews.

As a supplier, we pride ourselves in providing such quality products and services and have done so since 2001.  We endeavour to look after our customers and end-users (your customers). Our products are CE Approved and comply with EU and UK Regulations. But just in case something is to go wrong, Lifestyle provides a 12 Month Warranty with all products as standard. This is just one of the benefits of dealing with Lifestyle Appliances, we are responsible Outdoor Leisure Suppliers. We look after your customers if you, as a retailer can’t resolve the issue.

Over the years, Lifestyle has developed an enviable customer service reputation. The Team believes this has enabled us to become a leading outdoor leisure supplier into the UK market. We value our customers and end-users. We stock a variety of replacement parts, just in case. But before supplying replacement parts, we, as a team, aim to resolve your issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of product knowledge. That’s why our sales team are product specialists and are equipped to take your call, whatever your query.

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Article Information Source: Invespero