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It’s a pleasure to see our local pubs and restaurants reopen this Spring. And It’s an honour to see Lifestyle patio heaters be a part of these exciting times.

To say the past year has been tough on the hospitality industry would be an understatement. The frequent local and national restrictions left a lingering uncertainty in the industry.

However, with the Prime Minister’s announcement and roadmap in February came a glimmer of hope for sector.

The roadmap included the long-awaited permitting of outdoor dining as early as Monday, April 12th.

Since the announcement, the nation’s pubs, restaurants and bars have made a fantastic effort in adapting and evolving their available outdoor space.

It’s been fantastic to see so many businesses adapt this Spring, there’s been a variety of spaces that are simply stunning.

And what an honour it is to see Lifestyle products featured amongst these beautifully crafted outdoor spaces.



(“The Arrow Mill Team return and receive an outside service training session/refresher” – featuring the Lifestyle Santorini Flame Heater).


Patio heaters and fire pits are outdoor dining essentials. Not only do they keep guests cosy on the coldest of evenings, but they also put on a show too and can truly top off a commercial outdoor space.

The Santorini has been a popular choice for hospitality businesses, it’s classic stainless steel construction, dancing flame and collapsible design makes it an incredibly versatile heater.

Throughout the past year, the Santorini has been spotted keeping guests warm.

( The Tap in Tamworth hosts socially distanced, COVID SAFE beer festival in September 2020)


To be a part of these commercial outdoor space adaptations has been a pleasure. 2021, The Year of Outdoor Leisure began bleakly, however, Lifestyle remains optimistic for the hospitality, retail and other leisure sectors.


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