Grilling on the Go 2021: Picking Your Grill

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Picking your portable grill this BBQ Season with Lifestyle Appliances

Looking to grill in the great outdoors? You’ll need a grill. There are a variety of portable grills available but which grill is right for you?

Grilling on the go brings those close, even closer.

The food. The fun. The feeling is unbeatable.

Whether you’re having a family or an away day with friends, a portable BBQ makes a great accomplice to any kit list.



Why choose a portable BBQ?

Whether you’re an avid alfresco chef or just looking to host a good grill-up on a camping trip, there is a portable grill for you.

Gone are the days where you need to be a serious griller to have a grill for when out and about. Be gone disposable BBQs. Bring on the selection of mobile barbecues!

Despite their name, many portable barbecues are also perfect for grilling at home. They prove great for small outdoor spaces like balconies but are ideal for small-scale grilling in whatever domestic setting.


What makes a good portable grill?

The obvious answer is portability. However, a grills weight is often overlooked in particular.

Weight is a predominant factor when it comes to portability. a heavy BBQ isn’t really portable.

However, it’s always good to have a bit of weight if you’re grilling on rough and uneven surfaces.

Nonetheless, if your BBQing on the beach or on a flat surface, the more ergonomic, lightweight grills are just as ideal.

Legs are also something to be considered. Not only do they give enhanced stability, but they also give the grill a bit of distance from the surface should you need it.


There is a variety of grills available, let’s find the right one for you!


Gas grilling

Now we’re cooking on gas!

Gas grilling brings a bit of consistency and is certainly ideal for those looking for a precision grilling of small joints and burgers.

Of course, the main downside of Portable gas BBQs is their need for a gas bottle/cylinder.

But, with lightweight gaslight gas bottles and 4.5kg standard butane cylinders available today, it’s never been so easy to bring a gas bottle along for the trip.


Other pros:

Great temperature control,

+ Generally easier to clean and maintain than charcoal


— Although lightweight options are available, a gas cylinder is still required

—  No authentic char-grilled smokey BBQ flavour


Charcoal grilling

Keeping it simple.

Charcoal BBQs continue to be the most popular choice when grilling on the go.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a pleasant selection of styles available.

Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel barrel BBQ or the classic kettle grill, the charcoal range has the grill for you.

The beauty of charcoal BBQs is their simplicity. Simply open or remove the lid, fill the base with charcoals and light safely.

Other pros:

+ Charcoal grills offer the signature char-grilled taste

+ Charcoal grills can burn hotter than gas, ideal for the “grill-seekers”


—  The cook may not be as consistent as gas

  Slower to reach the desired temperature



Other things to consider:

Price – if you’re a casual griller when on the go, there’s no need to break the bank.

Size – Is the grill the right size? If your grilling for 2, treat yourself to an appropriately sized BBQ. There is no need for an industrial-grade grill.

Features and accessories – Why not upgrade your grilling game? Look out for handy features like collapsible side shleves and BBQ trolleys!

Warranty – Does the grill come with a warranty, just in case?


In conclusion…

There’s no time like the present to start BBQing on the go – a good grill-up in the great outdoors just can’t be beaten.

Both are ideal for camping and guarantee a great cooking experience.

It comes down to your personal preference.

Are you a sear mark seeker? Charcoal should be your choice.

Looking for an easy grilling experience start to finish? Go for gas.

Need help finding your ideal grill? Get in touch with us!


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