NEW THIS SUMMER: Enders® from Lifestyle BBQ Grill Range

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Enders® from Lifestyle Appliances range

Lifestyle’s BBQ grilling game is going next level this summer as Lifestyle Appliances have become the official UK wholesale vendor for Enders® Grills.

BBQ season is on the horizon and Lifestyle’s ready with a new range of grills ready to thrill.  The Enders® from Lifestyle range is our most premium selection of BBQs.


The Enders® from Lifestyle Range:


As a brand, Lifestyle has been astonished by the quality of Enders® products year after year. In 2018, Lifestyle became proud vendors of the Commercial patio heater.  The hospitality grade outdoor heater has become popular and well-respected in the industry. As a team, Lifestyle believes the heater’s success is down to its premium build quality, appearance and performance. It’s truly built for purpose.

Lifestyle has recognised these desirable attributes in the Enders® BBQ range.


The Enders® from Lifestyle BBQ range: The Grills


Kansas Pro 4 / Kansas Pro 3 / Monroe Pro 4 / Monroe Pro 3


The Enders® from Lifestyle BBQ range: Enders® Features

Our new BBQ collection has established a new class in the Lifestyle gas BBQ range.

Welcome, to the premium class.

In the premium class, all BBQs are equipped with a variety of experience-enhancing features. In the Enders® from Lifestyle range, the chef’s grilling experience has been enhanced and optimised from the firing up of the BBQ to the cleaning after use:



  • TURBO ZONE®: Temperatures of more than 400 °C are reached on the grate – perfect for successfully searing food
  • HEAT RANGE®: The Heat Range architecture enables the temperature under the hood to remain consistent – for an even, concise grill
  • SIMPLE CLEAN®: The BBQs combustion chambers can be removed with a slide and their stainless steel construction ensures easy cleaning
  • SWITCH GRID®: A removable and switchable enamelled cast grate offers versatile grilling options with the Switch Grid accessory range


The Enders® from Lifestyle BBQ range: Accessories

The accessories range for our new Enders® range is incredibly vast. From rotisserie kits and covers to magnetic bottle holders and switch in pizza stones, the range helps chefs truly make the most of their BBQ.



With a simple switch, the Kansas and Monroe Pro can simultaneously bake, cook or fry whilst grilling.

The Switch Grid accessory range utilises the removable Switch Grid grate on the Kansas and Monroe Pro’s. The range consists of a variety of grilling, cooking, roasting and baking accessories. To use these accessories, simply switch the removable grate with the Switch Grid pizza stone, frying pan, sear grate or poultry cooker and enjoy!




Introducing, GRILL MAGS, the Enders® magnetic grill accessory range:

GRILL MAGS ensure you make the most of your BBQ and available space. From spice racks to wine bottle holders, the GRILL MAGS range upgrades the grilling and outdoor cooking experience.

All Enders® magnetic BBQ accessories are equipped with a robust steel frame and two strong magnets – ensuring a secure hold. All accessory frames have even been covered in a black chrome finish, making the range uniform, sleek and smart with almost any barbecue.


The NEW Enders® from Lifestyle BBQ and accessories range has been built and is available for COVID SAFE visits in the Lifestyle Showroom in the West Midlands. Interested in our latest range? Get in touch to arrange a trade visit to the Lifestyle Showroom.


Also NEW this Summer: Enders® NOVA LED Flame heaters


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