Enders® Grills Features: Explained

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Enders® BBQ Grills Features

Easy to use, hard to beat. Enders® grills have a variety of experience-enhancing features. Discover what each feature does and how they’re the key for a great grill-up below!

Feature #1: Turbo Zone

The TURBO ZONE uses infrared heat, allowing you to top temperatures of 400°C on the grill. With great searing temperatures comes great aromas and succulent steaks, the definition of BBQing success.


Feature #2: Heat Range

A HEAT RANGE architecture keeps temperatures constant. Optimised heat distribution ensures precision grilling and allows the likes of poultry to be grilled to perfection. The Heat Range gives you control and maintains low heats as well as upholds high temperatures under the hood throughout the cooking grid.


Feature #3: Switch Grid

Versatility is key. The Enders® SWITCH GRID offers a variety of outdoor cooking experiences. The Switch Grid is a removable enamelled cast iron grate that can be replaced with accessories such as pizza stones and frying pans with a simple switch. The Switch Grid is exclusively compatible with the Switch Grid accessory range and is a must-have feature for those looking to make the most of their grill.


Feature #4: Simple Clean

The Chef’s experience has been enhanced from start to finish. With Enders® turbo grills, even after facing the high heats of the Turbo Zone, the Kansas and Monroe Pro are good to grill again after a quick clean. With SIMPLE CLEAN, the grill’s stainless steel combustion chambers and flame tamers can be removed easily and cleaned with a swipe.



Which BBQs have these features?

All 4 BBQs in the Enders® from Lifestyle range are complete with all the above features: Turbo Zone , Heat Range , Switch Grid and Simple Clean.

Both the Kansas and Monroe Pro’s ensure a great grilling experience, from build to grill to clean. The question is. Which will you choose?



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