The Power of Pellet Grilling – Pellet Grilling Vs Gas Grilling

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Pellet Grilling Vs Gas BBQ Grilling

Pellet Grills offer some serious cooking potential. But can they compete with the beloved gas and charcoal grills?

Previously, pellet grills were much to be desired. Originally invented in the ’80s in America, the pellet grill was ahead of its time yet was dismissed.

However, times have changed.

A pellet grill is traditionally powered by electricity and is fuelled by wood pellets, natural or flavoured. An Auger pushes the pellets into the firepot beneath the grates. This is where a temperature gauge and fan work together to maintain a stable heat and a particular temperature.

Back in the ’80s, pellet grills didn’t seriously threaten the dominance of the traditional gas and charcoal grills.

Those days are gone. And here’s why:


Excellent Fuel Efficiency

One bag of wood pellets roughly serves 50 hours of cooking time when cooking at smoking temperatures. Whereas a propane gas grill will see you through 20 hours of cooking time, even when cooking on lower heats. Charcoal grills are even less efficient compared to pellet grills.

Wood pellets also offer eco-friendlier cooking, smoking and grilling. Pellet grills could certainly be the future of outdoor cooking.


Smoking. Simplified.

Everyone loves a BBQ, the aroma, the food, the atmosphere. However, very few enjoy the difficulties which come with preparing the perfect BBQ.

With pellet grills, smoking has never been so simple. No longer do keen outdoor cooks have to endure the pain of waiting for the perfect conditions and monitoring airflow, internal temperatures, and ambient temperatures.

With pellet grills, you can enjoy meats and vegetables which are smoked to perfection with minimal effort.


Smart Cooking Precision

Despite the analogue nature of grilling and cooking food outdoors on a fire, a bit of precision and control can truly evolve a grill-up.

The Big Horn Pellet Grill’s LCD display displays the current temperature of the grill, assisting you to achieve the ideal temperature for your dish.

Lifestyle’s Big Horn also displays the set temperature as well as the selected smoking preset.


Superb Grilling Power

The key grilling difference between gas and pellet grills are the mode of heat. Traditional gas BBQs utilise direct heat, whereas pellet grills cook with indirect heat, keeping meets and vegetables tender.

The Big Horn is a capable grill and can take on the heat of a great British summer BBQ without a doubt,

Pellet grills also excel in versatility and quality of cook, smoke and grill. With the Big Horn, a pleasant cook Is guaranteed. Start to finish.


The Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Grill


In the spring of 2019, Lifestyle introduced the Big Horn Pellet Grill to the ever-expanding Lifestyle BBQ range.

The Big Horn continues to grow as a product as pellet grilling grows as a hobby in the UK.

The future looks bright for the Pellet Grilling market as there becomes a much-needed focus upon eco-friendliness.

Why not explore the potential of the Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Grill below?

Contact us to become a Lifestyle stockist of Lifestyle’s most eco-friendly and versatile BBQ.



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