The Big Horn Pellet Grill at Jay’s Smokehouse

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Jay's Smokehouse

It’s always a pleasure to engage with our keen outdoor chefs and leisure lovers. This BBQ season, Lifestyle have had the pleasure of engaging with the determined home pellet griller, Jay Sprake.

Jay has been a determined pellet griller for the past two years and has become so fond of the alfresco grilling life that he built his outdoor kitchen, Jay’s Smokehouse.

From brisket to cold-smoked cheeses, Jay’s smokehouse has been the birthplace of many fantastic grill-ups and smoked dishes.

The Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Grill is Jay’s grill and smoker of choice and has been fired up almost every weekend.



Jay’s Big Horn Pellet Grilling Experience

“I love the pellet smoker. I’ve had it for about two years now and use it just about every weekend. I am quite enjoying the journey of learning to perfect cooking with it. I’ve just about cooked everything possible in it, from brisket to cold smoking cheese. It’s the perfect size for my needs. There is so much to learn, and every cook is different depending on the outside temperature and meat”.

Jay’s 6-Hour Rib Grill




It’s been fantastic to connect with a keen Lifestyle pellet griller. Lifestyle look forward to seeing Jay’s latest grilling and smoking achievements.

The UK Pellet Grilling Scene

The pellet grilling community is steadily growing in the UK – it’s clear why:

Pellet grills offer an experience unlike traditional gas and charcoal grills yet is just as, if not more rewarding.
The Big Horn Pellet Grill offers an array of great features, which plainly can’t be matched by their gas and charcoal counterparts.
Pellet grilling an eco-friendlier approach to outdoor grilling and is all about efficiency and precision.
From the firing up of the grill to the smoking stage, the chef’s experience has been optimised.

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