Enders® Kansas Pro 3 Gas BBQ Griddle Plate

Product Code: EN7880


Revolutionise your BBQ with the Enders® Kansas Pro 3 Gas BBQ Griddle Plate. Ideal for both Kansas Pro 3 and the vintage Kansas 3 models, this unique plate features a ribbed side and a smooth one. We understand how disappointing it can be when tiny grilled food drops through the grate; thus, we have created a solution for everything from veggies and seafood to eggs and bacon. Made with hefty enamelled cast iron, it guarantees perfect heat distribution. Savour every bite with genuine care, from us to you, dear BBQ lover!

  • Can be used on both sides and fits perfectly into the Kansas Pro 3 or older Kansas 3 models
  • 1 side completely ribbed 1 side completely smooth
  • Massive, high quality enamelled cast iron for optimum heat distribution
  • Ideal for preparing small grilled food that would otherwise fall through the grate, seafood, vegetables, fried eggs, bacon, but also fish and burgers


UNIT DIMENSIONS: Width: 20 cms | Depth: 44.5 cms | Height: 1.7 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 21 cms | Depth: 46 cms | Height: 2 cms
NET WEIGHT: 1.5 kg



Compatible products

Kansas Pro 3 or older Kansas 3 models


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