Enders® Comfort

Product Code: EXWLE49429


When it comes to traveling, many people prefer to use their own toilet at home for comfort. The Enders® Comfort camping toilet from Enders offers a solution to this problem, allowing you to bring the comfort of home with you on your travels.

The Enders® Comfort also has an ergonomic seat shape and an integrated toilet paper roll for convenience. The toilet is easy to clean without needing tools, with the lid and seat being easily removable. Additionally, the extra-large flushing water tank can be refilled quickly. With the Comfort camping toilet, you can rest assured that your trip will be comfortable and stress-free.

  • compact dimensions ideal for small footprints
  • particularly smooth and hygienic surface
  • quick separation of rinsing and waste water tanks
  • ergonomic carrying handle for the waste water tank


Flush water tank 15 L
Wastewater tank 14 L
Seat height 32 cm
Load capacity 130 kg
Dimensions B 38 x T 44.5 x H 33.5 cm
Weight 3.4 kg





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